Monday, October 12, 2009

Saving Money By Using A Rare Labor Source

Most of us know that there are two kinds of workers - legal and

illegal. However, there is a lesser known group of legal workers

in America. These individuals are known as refugees. Refugees

are typically immigrants with political ties. Each year, the

United States is required to take a certain number of refugees

because they’re part of the United Nations. This is truly the

cream of the crop because only two percent of all refugee

applicants are allowed to go into the program. They’re typically

heroes and educated people. However, because they don’t know the

language, they do not have the ability to get a job easily. For

this reason, they’re more than likely grateful to get a job in

your company working behind the scenes. Commercial property

management businesses that employ refugees will get 50 to 100% of

their wages reimbursed in tax incentives.

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